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Community Spotlight – Blossom Valley

Welcome to the community spotlight featuring Blossom Valley!

Overview – We’ll start with some information about the location and provide a little history of the area.

Blossom Valley is a community about 20 miles east of San Diego, just north east of El Cajon. Within this area there are now a few thousand homes. Settled in 1865 by the William Flinn family who traveled from Texas and settled 4 miles east of Los Coaches, it was originally called Flinn Valley. The area had a nice spring and since 1920 it’s been known as Flinn Springs. The Blossom Valley area filled in gradually north of Flinn Springs as amenities and farming grew. Flinn Springs is part of the greater Blossom Valley community. Overall there is a charming back country feel to the entire area which is refreshingly reminiscent of the historical roots.

Map View – Next we’ll show the general boundaries and locations in the area with maps.

Blossom Valley spans approximately 6.7 square miles over 4,200 acres. It is located between Lake Jennings on the West, Hwy 80 & Hwy 8 on the South, El Capitan reservoir on the East and the top of the ridge along the North which gains about 1000 feet in elevation. El Cajon mountain, also known as locally as El Cap, looms large to the north as it rises to 3,500 feet.

Scenic View – The area includes trails and beautiful natural vistas

The valley is home to Flinn Springs County Park which features 40 acres of shade trees, grass fields, and the ability to host anything from small family picnics to large wedding parties with up to 500 of your closest friends. One of the nicest little spots is Summers Past Farms. They have gardens, antiques, and a semi-annual craft fair which hosts lots of local vendors. I’ve personally been to the fair and bought crafts from their local store. It’s beauty is as charming as it is nostalgic.

Aerial View – Video from various altitudes which show the topography in stunning definition

Many of the properties have over an acre of land with newer homes sprinkled among more established residences. The views from the upper ridge and many of the properties are stunning. Here you can see Highway 8 going across the field of view at the lowest point through the valley. Lake Jennings is visible to the West.

Street View – Driving through an area provides a good feel for the neighborhoods

There are several excellent nurseries in the area. It is also the home to Blossom Valley Elementary and Los Coaches Creek Middle School. The roads are rural without sidewalks and reflect the country feel of the area.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the information and videos highlighting Blossom Valley. We’ve succeeded if you learned something or you’re excited to come see the Community for yourself.